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Sending Newsletters to your subscribers costs me a lot of money. I can only allow sending small batches of Beta keys to stress test the server and especially my wallet. Each week, new keys are getting send by Email, so check your inbox once in a while.

The solution to edit and send your Newsletters rapidly. Boom.

Import newsletters the easy way.

By File, by Code, by URL or by Themeforest Purchase Code. We got you covered.

Edit any newsletter, not just our work.

You don't make it StampReady compatible, StampReady makes it compatible for you.

Built-in store.

Edit the template first. Satisfied? You'll be able to make the purchase via Themeforest.

Export newsletters to desktop.

Export your edited Newsletter and send it elsewhere. Don’t worry, no hard feelings.

Send newsletters within seconds.

Send up to a total of 12,000 subscribers for free, or use your own Mandrill API Key.

Collect email addresses on your website.

Install our form on your website and watch the number of Subscribers grow daily.

Are You A Developer?

We made things easy for you. Any valid HTML template is compatible with our Dashboard. But if you want complete control over your template, our Template Language Document would be interesting.

Get Familair With Our Language

  • Collecting Addresses Simplified

    With just one line of code, you’ll be collecting email addresses of visitors on your own website.

    We even have a small API for it.

It actually started from Sent & StampReady for Mac.

Editing and Sending is completely free.